Trinity Coin Set (Wong)


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From Johnny Wong, comes another powerfully deceptive and practical coin set. Trinity Coin is constructed of three Half Dollars, yet amazingly looks like only “one” Half Dollar coin, which can be examined.

A new versatile coin gimmick that allows you to perform incredible coin magic from Johnny Wong. Using this innocent gimmick, you will be able to perform visual multiple coin productions, vanishes, changes, penetrations and more. Complete with the gimmick coins, written instructions and instructional DVD.

BENEFITS: You can easily perform a variety of effects like appearing, vanishing, transposing, penetrating, and more!

Imagine your audience’s surprise when one half dollar coin suddenly turns into four and vice versa! Includes the following effects:

The Combination Trick
Coin Through the Glass
Two Coins Through the Glass
Turning Silver Into Copper
Six Coin Production
Three Coin Disappearance

Learn how to change three half dollars into three English pennies and cause a half dollar to penetrate a card case.

Comes complete with the precision-made Trinity Coin Set, detailed instructions and instructional DVD.


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