Triple Thumb Tip Holder


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This Product ONLY Provides the Thumb Tip Holder, you must provide your own Thump Tip Props

This new accessory will help you in a lot of situations, easily and safely solving many problems.

This gimmick can hold up to 3 thumb tips vertically, both in your pocket and inside your jacket.

You can place it inside your jacket pocket, leaning on your briefcase or inside your top hat, and thanks to the safety pins on it’s back, you can also fasten it inside your jacket.

Production of a handkerchief, letting the spectator choose a color from 3 offered.
Loading of 3 D’lites of different colors
Loading the thumb tip with a real fish.
Liquids loading
Loading salt or sugar
If you use more than one thumb tip in your routine, you can get the one you need without getting confused.
Loading up to 6 colored sponge balls (without thumb tips)
Loading of handkerchiefs to produce in the hand (without thumb tips)
Includes a video to be downloaded with different uses, routines and ideas, and as a bonus, an original and new technique to produce a silk.

“Extremely useful! Love it!”
– Juan Pablo Ibanez

“GENIUS!!! This is a ground-breaking gimmick that opens the door to endless possibilities. Highly recommended”
-Michel Clavello (Vernet Magic)

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