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Do you want to entertain? Do you want to be different? Trouble Wit is the perfect item to do the above! Master this piece of entertainment and your magic performance will add distinct routine. Great for ALL types of audiences! (After all….you don’t need to do just magic effects.) Trouble Wit is a ridiculous name someone hung on the stunt of folding an accordion pleated paper into dozens of different shapes. (Jay Marshall-former SAM Dean was a master at this effect!) Perfect for MC work! Perfect for all types of shows-adults & children!

Dozens & dozens & dozens of different designs are taught! The audience will like this and is the perfect answer to the magician who is looking for a novelty to insert into their program! (Do an entire act or just a bit) Believe us….it is worth MORE than the price of this effect!

This unit comes from Bill Ragsdale

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