Turning Odd


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The performer displays a wood base and a die to the spectator, these items may be throroughly examined. The performer turns around, back will now be towards the spectator and asks the person to place the die upon the area indicated on the wooden base with the top number of the die showing any number they wish. The performer asks the spectator to give the die a quarter turn in the direction indicated upon the wooden base. Now the performer asks the spectator to continue turning the dice a number of times to make sure it completely random and after sometime has passed the performer ask the performer asks the spectator to continue this turning process until a numnber one is showing up. At this point the spectator is asked to name a number from 1-9 (not in between) 1-9 aloud and turns the die that many turns following the previous instructions of odd and even. After Turning is complete the performer names thee the number face up on the die.

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