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Available again – Thanks to Pete Biro! Find the Pea – Where is it?  One of the Ken Brooke classics from the “Golden Years!” A great pitch that is refreshing and unique compared to other shell games in terms of the apparatus provided and routine.

This new and improved version comes with a very clever idea by Ken Perks, and is an updated variation of the “Old Army Game” (The Three shell Game), but with a “DOUBLE-KICKER ENDING” actually, it has an MULTI-KICKER ENDING!

Effect: You all probably know the 3 SHELL GAME. Tweezers is a tremendously unique variation of this classic game, which is still popular today! Which cap is the pea under?

You start with three copper caps and the Perfect Pea. Incorporating a bit of hustling where you show the “sucker/pigeon” how they can win by simply guessing which cap covers the pea! “Follow the pea – take the money from me!” (The performer announces.)

But the spectator seems to have trouble and can’t find the pea. So the magician removes one cap using only two caps – “Now you have a 50% chance!” He then asks the spectator to choose one of the caps, then has the “spectator” put the pea under it. The magician covers that cap with a “larger” cap, making it “impossible” for anyone to gain access to the pea inside.

The spectator is asked to place their finger on top of the green cap, and the magician is going to transpose the pea inside to the other cap resting a foot away. The spectator turns over the double caps; sure enough the pea has vanished! The magician is confident as he turns over the other cap; only there is NO pea there either!

At this point the magician points to another cap (that has been sitting there all the while) and upon turning it over, there is a smaller cap under it, and in fact 4 more smaller – nested caps (total of 6)! The last cap is so tiny — but sure enough — it houses the pea! In fact the cap is so small – the pea must be removed using TWEEZERS!

Of course, the magician says, “A lot of people think I use two peas’ – and they’re right!” Upon which he turns over the larger green cap that was just used, and produces a much larger ball as a Final load! This routine just keeps providing fun and laughs with an incredible effect as well!

SPECIAL HANDLING TIPS by Pete Biro and Dean Dill and their routines. Comes complete with custom copper crafted caps, Perfect Peas (from the School for Scoundrels), extra surprise loads, special loading holder, a pair of Tweezers, 24 pages of instructions and routine, plus a DVD of the performance and explanations. (You receive a total of ten copper caps for the final load!)

“This is one great & different routine with a all-new Double Kicker ending.” – Jeff Mc Bride

“I have to have this, as I can build a whole act around it.” Actor-Magician: Jonathan Levit


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