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Twister Illusion – Chalet (Estate)


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Chalet Twister illusion – a great illusion from George Kimmery of Chalet Magic. This item comes complete with wooden road crate. It is “performance” ready to go into your show. The paint has been professionally refinished, and the illusion is in very good performance condition.

The magician opens the front and back doors of an ornate cabinet so that his audience can clearly see through the illusion. The top of the cabinet with the smaller “head box” attached is hinged forward and the magician’s assistant enters the cabinet through the rear doors. The lid is lowered and the audience can clearly see the assistant standing in the illusion with her face showing in the head box. The rear and front doors are closed. There is absolutely nothing suspicious from the audience’s point of view. The girl is definitely in the box. The magician begins to rotate the head box around several times! He opens the front doors of the torso box and the audience sees the assistant’s body twisted like a wet towel. Only her legs and feet that extend below the bottom of the torso box remain unchanged. The procedure is reversed and the assistant is restored. The illusion is comical, easy to perform, and a great interlude for any act.

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1 review for Twister Illusion – Chalet (Estate)

  1. 1 out of 5


    I have one of these, Actually the same one.. Been using it for years. Great prop and well made. Would buy it all over again.

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