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If I had to pitch a product – this would be it!  It had everything one would want in a powerful, easy to perform visual! 

While a number of effects are possible using these coins – provided they are of the highest quality – Dave Harlin’s Two Bits Bit is our hands down favorite at Stevens Magic Emporium.  A quarter is placed on the table along with a preferably stemmed wine glass, a playing card and a spoon.  All of which can be freely examined before and after – if so desired.  The magician takes the card in his left hand and then places the quarter on top of the playing card, in the middle.  Next he places the card that has the quarter resting on top, on the wine glass such that the card ends extend beyond the circumference of the diameter of the wine glass – forming a bridge.   The spoon is then taken by the the magician and held at the bottom of the handle positioned over the quarter.  On the count of 1-2-3 the spoon taps the quarter resting on top of the playing card and BOOM – the quarter is both SEEN and HEARD penetrating the card and clanking inside the glass.  The audible is unmistakable and combined with the visual is a 1-2 knock out when it comes to providing incredible magic!

The audible and visual serve double-duty as you will learn when you purchase the effect as you are then able to lay out all the items on the table as they were at first – and everything is as it should be – and can be examined.

Important: While you may think this is something that is easy to create – trust us when we tell you its not that easy at all.   Effect comes with both detailed printed instructions as well as a quick online tutorial featured on Vimeo.  Password and link is provided on the written instructions.

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