Two Hole Arm Chopper – Delben (Ben Stone) – Manufactured by Louie Gaynor


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Stevens Magic Emporium is immensely please to have been given permission from Danny Garganus, (Danny’s Trix and Kix) or Spring, Texas. Danny purchased the manufacturing rights from Ben Stone (AKA Delben) many years ago.

A very limited supply of this classic illusion has been produced by craftsman Louie Gaynor. In fact, this is so limited we found this last unit in back room two which we believe was buried. So there is only ONE LEFT! This is the only authorized version and has been off the market for a long time.This is a real attention-getting effect. A mini-illusion, that’s easy to carry and easy to perform. Good comedy. Good entertainment. A personal favorite of Terry Seabrooke’s act for years.  This is an absolute reputation making effect. It’ worth every penny for the pro that want’s to really provide memorable and comedic magic.

Extremely safe, the blade NEVER comes near the spectator’s arms. Features a small ending – take off the front and back (break it down) to find the spectator’s wrists through the two holes in the blade! Beautifully constructed by Louis Gaynor.  Louie Gaynor is one of the most respected craftsman in the art of magic.

Comes with deluxe wooden carrying case, custom make specifically for this item value $99.00.

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