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Comes with a video link for video instructions.

Based on an Atsukawa Masao application. Interactive, highly visual with a perplexing ending. Effect: Performer produces two envelopes, one red and one black. In the black envelope is a jumbo blue-backed king of clubs. In the red envelope, a jumbo red-backed king of hearts. Both cards have been cut into six individual pieces like a jigsaw puzzle. The magician removes the pieces from the envelopes one at a time, and solves the puzzle so that the audience sees the two face-up kings.

Next, he collects the pieces from both cards and turns them over, so the audience clearly sees all the blue-backed pieces and all the red-backed pieces. The puzzle is once again solved this time showing the backs of the jumbo cards.

Now the magician turns the puzzle pieces over to their face-up side, and asks a spectator to solve the same puzzle the magician did moments ago. The spectator is able to solve all but ONE piece from BOTH cards. Leaving two pieces that clearly do NOT match?

The puzzle therefore is NOT solved. The magician takes the two opposing non fitting pieces and switches each piece to the other card. Behold – the puzzled is now SOLVED! The mystery being each of those two non-fitting pieces – has the wrong color back! Meaning the one red-backed piece is a perfect match with the blue-backed card! Conversely, the one blue-backed piece that solved the other card, all has red backed pieces? How is this possible?

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A lighthearted ice-breaker based on an Atsukawa Masao application. When you’re looking for a great magic trick to perform for friends, family and associates – this is IT! Its interactive, highly visual and has a “WHAT THE HECK JUST HAPPENED?” killer ending.  Effect: Performer produces two envelopes on each of the two envelopes a red one and a black one.  On each envelope there is a small sticker printed that illustrates what is inside.  One the red envelope is a small photo of a King of Hearts and on the black envelope a photo of a King of Spades.  Performer grabs the red envelope, (housing the King of Hearts) and starts to remove the contents discovering there are six individual puzzle pieces that represent the JUMBO sized King of Hearts.  The King of Hearts pieces are easily identified by looking at the faces of the six pieces.

Next, the performer assembles the individual size pieces such that the puzzle is solved and you can clearly see the full card – the King of Hearts.   After this he turns to the other envelope, the black envelope housing the King of clubs.  He repeats the same process, removing all the six pieces and then solving the puzzle so that now both cards, the newly formed King of Clubs and the previously assembled King of Hearts are both visible and side-by-side to one-another.

Now the performer turns each of the cards over, to reveal one the colored backs of the jumbo cards and sure enough one if red backed and the other is blue backed.    Performer invites a spectator (or spectators) to SOLVE the puzzles by putting the pieces of the back of the cards in proper order.  After a short period of time – this is accomplished!  One Jumbo card is all assembled with a RED back and the other all assembled with a BLUE back.  HOWEVER, the performer takes pieces and turns them over so they are both face-up and invites the spectator to again solve the puzzle.  NOTE: The spectator(s) have already solved the puzzle with the 6 pieces when they did it for the face down version. The ONLY difference is they are now going to solve it again with the pieces face-up, so the card can fully be seen.

The spectator with confidence sets out to do this, because they just did it earlier with the face-down pieces perfectly… Only this time, the spectator has a problem, one of the pieces he needs to solve the puzzle will not fit to solve the red King of Hearts.  Frustrated the magician tells him to move to the blue backed King of Clubs and solve it, but the same problem is realized there too!  There is ONE piece from each card that does NOT fit????  But the crazy thing is if you change the two pieces, even though they have different colored backs – when switched – solve the FRONT side of both cards perfectly – YET HOW CAN THIS BE?

Remember at the start the face-up cards where taken from the envelopes and solved.  Then they back sides of the two cards were again solved – but now the only way to solve the puzzle is to use one piece from the other card that has a different BACK Color!  It’s a mystery that will puzzle and baffle your spectators for sure!

Note: Comes with a video tutorial that teaches you how to perform this effect. Original Japanese instructions are included in packaging HOWEVER – access to a video will teach you how to perform this effect.


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