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U-235 has always had a warm spot in my collection. The first time I saw this effect, I was blown away…. well, I was 16 and I could be blown away quite easily back then. BUT, even today, this is a real fooler.

Thanks to Alan at Owen Magic Supreme for allowing us to resurrect this wonderful old classic which has become a rare collectable and difficult to obtain…. Up until now!

EFFECT: The performer talks about the early testing implements used back in the 50’s to test uranium and molecular fusion, etc., all steps to creating the Atomic Bomb. “The apparatus you see before you was one of the first attempts at atomic restructuring and I would like to demonstrate this incredible mystery. Very few people outside of the Atomic Energy Commission (and Floyd Thayer) have ever seen this demonstrated. Watch closely as you won’t believe your eyes.

Note this solid piece of ¼-inch plate glass. A breech in the glass would be quite evident. Also, note these two aluminum reactor cylinders. We will sandwich the solid glass between the two cylinders and we will use this solid steel ball to demonstrate the properties discovered so long ago.

….Watch and listen as you hear the solid steel ball make with contact with the solid glass sheet and then, watch as it’s seconds later it penetrates that solid sheet of glass.”

Setting action to words, the tubes are assembled with the ¼-inch sheet glass in the middle. The steel ball is dropped into the upper tube and a resounding clang is heard as metal strikes glass. Then a second or two later the ball is seen and heard to come crashing down through the glass an onto the plate below.

This is an exact replica of the original Thayer unit. You are supplied with the two anodized aluminum tubes, the ¼-inch plate glass, the 5/8-inch steel ball and ceramic plate plus complete directions. The entire effect is supplied in a custom foam lined box to protect all the parts. The ¼-inch plate glass sheet has had the edges hand polished and ground to perfection. A treasure for any collector, yet you will be demonstrating this unique effect moments after receiving it. Limited quantities have been made at this time so don’t delay.


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