UGM 2010 Special Close-Up Magic Convention – DVD

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From UGM of Nagoya, Japan – a compilation from their “Special Close Up Convention! In August 2010 UGM produced it’s 2nd close up convention.  Some of you may be familiar with their previous and ongoing World Magic Semianr Asia convention that have been some of our top selling DVD’s at Stevens Magic.  But Yuji also decided to start an additional close up venue and the good news is you can also catch it if you were not lucky enough to attend on this DVD!  Despite selecting some of the highlights, it’s still a far cry from the events that took place over the two days, but offers the next best thing to having been there!

Yuji Yamamoto 50th Anniversary Special magic show

Yuji Yamamoto, Yuji Yasuda factory with John Yu, Ken Masaki, Akira Fujii, Magic Naporeonzu, Dr. Leon

● Magic Dinner Show

Nana Hitomi, Tenpyo

● Surprise Show

Minemura Kenji Yamamoto Hiroshi, Yumi, gay Ryunguberugu, balance scales, pupil Nana, charming Choi, Kim Chi, Andrew Golden Hirsch, Yu Hyun-min, Fujii Akira, Johan Stahl, Magic Naporeonzu, Ken Masaki, Yuji Yasuda with John Yu Factory

● Lecture

Minemura Kenji, Kaz Katayama, Hiro Sakai, Akira Fujii, Yuji Yamamoto

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