UGM World Magic Seminar Asia – 2012 – DVD

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Finally the latest DVD edited to highlight all of the events held in Nagoya Kanko Hotel in August 2012 of “UGM Magic Convention 2012.”

If you’re looking for something different – chances are you may find it within any of the popular UGM DVD’s.

Duration approximately 112 minutes (content of collection):

Special Show: Kaz Katayama, Hiro Sakai, Petit ☆ Lady, Yamamoto Hiroshi, Yumi, Bona Ueki, Dr. Leon, Fujii Akira, Pell, Ginny, Ruben, Park Eun Kyung

Dinner and Table Hopping: Yuji Yamamoto, Bona Ueki, Minemura Kenji, Yumi, Yoshihiko Yokoi, Mariko-san, di-mail, Park Eun Kyung, Kim Jung Woo, Lee Ungyoru, Rhodes, Ginny, Ruben, Gay Jung Berg, Eric Jones, Petit ☆ Lady, Hiro Sakai, Fujii Akira, Pell, Kaz Katayama, Yasuda Yuji

Close-Up Contest and Awards – 12 magicians from all over the world competed in the close-up gala show: Rhodes, Johnny Hirose, Pell, Akira Fujii, Ruben, Ginny, Eric JonesLecture Ruben, di-mail, Johnny Hirose, Rhodes, Eric Jones closing gala show Kaz Katayama, Rhodes, Minemura Kenji, Pell.


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