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Welcome To The Game Changer

Tarot readings will never be the same again – Ron Martin

Cover Art: Thomas Wilmer Dewing – Fortune Teller (1904).  Book is 8.5 x 11-inches and hardbound.

It is rare that the term “Game Changer” can be applied to any discipline… Something rare has happened – The Unholy Grail… The Unholy Grail will change the way serious readers, magicians and mentalists approach the art in the future. The many techniques used herein have never been applied as they now are in the Unholy Grail. There is no other book, anywhere, that resembles the Unholy Grail approach. The Grail is completely new and original in its practical applications.”

This volume has been a long time in the making. The reason for the lengthy incubation period, is that Larry wanted extensive field work to accompany this production. To say everything within its covers is ‘real world’ is an understatement!”

For those sincere and experienced readers willing to put forth the effort required, they will have developed a skill that will allow them to give readings that will solidly connect with their clients and suggest some new potential ways to work through many of the kinds of problematic situations that bring people to readers in the first place.

Larry Baukin Is one of the top readers today and has been for over 40 years. He is considered to be, by many pro readers, the best of the best. His knowledge of readings and his real world experience with them has given him priceless knowledge of all aspects of readings. In this book, The Unholy Grail, Larry shares that knowledge and experience with us. This book is truly a masterpiece! If you are a serious reader, or aspire to be one, The Unholy Grail needs to be in your library. Read it, study it, practice Larry’s advice and you will have a new world of reading opened up to you. This book has my highest recommendation! – Tony Razzano

“Q: What happens when you take one of the world’s foremost psychic reading experts, decades of his real world experience in the field, boil it down, strip away the fat and cut off any excess, focus and concentrate the true fruits through an actual utility tool and item, complete it with a self contained reading system and top it off with the total overhaul and a dynamic core transformation of the ways, methods, manners and fashions in which you have previously given your readings to the paying public and high end private clientele that we cater to?
A: Larry Baukin’s “The Unholy Grail” – that’s what! If you give readings of any kind (Tarot or otherwise) and you want to be as effective, helpful and therapeutic as possible, take my word and GO GET THIS NOW. You’ll be thrilled you did. I was!” – Jerome Finley, Psychic Medium & Spiritual Healer

In Larry’s Own Words:

From The Preface: “Human kind cannot bear very much reality.” — T.S. Eliot


Even Sandy The Cat Visits Larry

For years – nay, decades – I have kept a vigilant eye out for what can only be called ‘the Holy Grail’ of Tarot card reading and cold reading alike. I sought a system that would allow me to instantly know the location of all 78 cards in the deck. A card system that would enable me to gain this knowledge without using any complicated mental gymnastics requiring mnemonic or mathematical calculations during the actual reading itself.

In addition, I wanted to be able to identify any Tarot card by casually glancing at the back of the card as it lay atop any face-down stack of cards. This would need to be accomplished surreptitiously while considering from three to twelve face-down piles of cards simultaneously.

The 78 card deck itself would also need various options for me to move about the system with ease, confidence, speed, not to mention, psychological effectiveness. Ultimately, the pack would offer a more powerful, successful and even intuitive reading for my clients. To top it all off, I wanted to be able to draw on this dream system anytime, anywhere sans the need of a Tarot pack at all. Imagine, I thought, consider the doorways and pathways still hidden within the world of cold reading that would avail themselves to me!

I dreamed of finding such a Holy Grail in magic shops, catalogs, sessions with mentalists, cold readers and so on. I filled those wells of knowledge with a lot of wishes. But in vain. That left me with two options. Either continue waiting for Godot. Or design the miracle myself.

So what you are about to learn is a cold reading system born purely out of necessity. As I explain the intricate workings of the following discovery, do not be daunted. Trust me when I assure you that my descriptions and explanations appear far more complex and difficult than they actually are in practice.

Most of you will already be familiar and experienced with the principles that I will be introducing. Simple card stacks, crimps, marking procedures, and a potentially endless array of useful applications.

The advanced nature of the system herein will require an investment of imagination on your part. I believe the instructions will be made easier and quicker to master if you assemble a practice deck. All requirements will be forthcoming.

This book contains two basic parts. The first and largest section will present the foundation or mechanics required to build a whole new approach to reading cards professionally. I recommend that you skim lightly through this area. Do not let yourself get bogged down in needless concern regarding memorization, etc. There will plenty of time to return to this initial section for study later on.

Finally, I will be sharing with you in a section of the book I call ‘True Places Never Are,’ an extensive collection of my most favorite and real world stock cold reading one-liners and short paragraphs. Each one will be presented verbatim, followed by a brief explanation as to when and why the statement is utilized.

It goes without saying that I have been using these statements for many years and this is the first time I have shared them anywhere. I am confident that you will employ them often. They are as close to hitting the mark nearly a 100% of the time as any reader could hope for.

The Unholy Grail is a tool that I use virtually every week in my cold reading practice. I read with this deck when performing short five to fifteen minute readings. I read with the deck when giving full-length half-hour and one hour private sessions as well. It is beyond flexible.

The Unholy Grail system has been my constant cold reading companion for a fair number of years now. It accounts for a substantial percentage of my income. I can promise you that the amount of time and effort that you invest in learning and applying The Unholy Grail deck will be more then worth it. Your readings will improve beyond your expectations.

I predict that once you read with the Grail, the possibilities created for you, will permanently change the way you do readings, or even conceive of the way readings can be done. By traveling the path of this work, you will expand the vocabulary of your cards, forever.

Johann Hofzinser said that ‘cards are the poetry of magic.’ Then surely cold reading is the poetry of mentalism. Welcome to my humble poem.

Disclosures:  It is important to note that this book is for “serious” readers.  If you are looking for the latest novelty that can be performed a few minutes after arrival – do not buy this book.  If you are willing to take the investment of time and energy, you will have a system that will produce a cornucopia of benefit to you whether that be in the good will you provide or measured in financial means.

For those sincere and experienced readers willing to put forth the effort required, they will have developed a skill that will allow them to give readings that will solidly connect with their clients and suggest some new potential ways to work through many of the kinds of problematic situations that bring people to readers in the first place. – Excerpt from “The Introduction” by Ron Martin

Endorsements and Testimonials:

“There are those moments in all of our lives when we realize that what is happening in front of our eyes is not only truly important, but will be remembered from this day forward. An event that we know has suddenly widened our horizons and will change some things forever. This book is one of those events. It’s rather exciting to be able to say that I was there when it was ‘born!’ Larry has called this the ‘Unholy Grail!’ and it’s a game changer.”Ron Martin”

I hope this is a limited edition and goes into the right people’s hands. This isn’t something that someone thought up over night and then put out on the market… There’s plenty of that these days… This is almost a half century of his work in the field – his personal system.” – Neal Scryer

‘In The Unholy Grail, Larry Baukin offers a powerful tool that combines numerology, cartomancy, divination and utter deviousness to provide a gateway for seriously powerful readings.’ Todd Landman

“For as long as I can remember Larry has been providing satisfying readings for countless new and repeat clients. He’s finally agreed to release his own personal system that has helped him become one of the busiest and most successful readers in the business. Anything Larry puts out is worth reading, but this – his own personal system – is pure gold. ‘The Unholy Grail’ is essential reading for anyone interested in becoming a successful reader.” – Richard Webster

“Larry Baukin is a legendary figure to psychic readers around the world, and I know some who have traveled thousands of miles to have a reading from him, hoping they’d learn his secrets. Now, he’s released his system in an incredible book that will change the way you approach your readings, and will take them to a whole new level. You won’t learn this information overnight, but any work you put into it will be repaid thousands of times over. This book will become a classic in the field.” – Alexander Nelson

“I’m honored to make a quote on behalf of Larry Baukin. While I don’t personally do readings – I see “many” possibilities and implications in all his work, and he has my utmost respect.” Marc Salem

“There are some secrets that should be left unsaid. Then there are others that should remain unseen. Both are revealed with these pages. Wash your hands and wash out your mouth before entering. And let us give praise that this knowledge is now being shared; quietly and hallowed, whispered from soul to soul.” – Ian Dunford

“What a fantastic tool this is for the cold reader! This is the Swiss Army knife of cold reading systems: adaptable, flexible and covering multiple uses. With a single Tarot deck – and Larry Baukin’s Unholy Grail – is possible to give powerful and controlled readings to suit the needs of your sitter. You can also incorporate the principles and meanings into other divination systems, too. Numerology, palmistry and past-life readings all now open up for you. There are well-crafted outs and tweaks to suit needs of the most devious (or anxious) performer. Liberally sprinkled with what is obviously hard-won practical advice and battle-tested techniques this work will easily earn its place on the shelf and in heart of the serious cold reader.”Les Cross

“If I was starting out as a psychic reader today there are only three or four people in the world I’d want to learn from. Larry Baukin is one of them. If you’re even slightly interested in psychic reading, grab this unique opportunity, and order ‘The Unholy Grail’ before it’s too late. If you’re as interested in psychic readings as I am, your order will already be in.” Charles Garner

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