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The Ultimate “Signed Bill in the Wallet.”  From the same craftsman that brought you the incredible “Magnetic Himber Wallet” – also available at Stevens Magic Emporium, this is the Fuji Wallet by Mr. Fuji.

It is a new type of “Bill In The Wallet.” The quality is excellent, both the fabrication as well as the leather that is used. Whether you have just this wallet or the Magnetic Himber or both (which we highly recommend, as you will only be sorry if you don’t have both), these wallets exudes professionalism and class.

This Fuji wallet is also often referred to as, “The Ultimate Signed Bill In Wallet.”

Effect:  The spectator signs a $10 bill. The spectator is then asked to hold the wallet while you take an envelope out of your pocket and place the signed $10 bill inside.

The envelope is then set on fire and burned to ash, but not to worry, you ask the spectator to unzip the wallet and the sealed envelope is inside! To the spectators delight, the signed bill is intact inside the envelope!

Comes complete with: gimmick wallet, 10 “Fire Insurance” envelopes, 15cm ruler, and instructions. Instructions also feature sequential illustrations that make learning “much” easier.

Dimensions Approximately 3 3/4″ x 5 1/2″ (9.5cm x 14cm).

Mr. Hiro Sakai, celebrity magician in Japan said; “This is the ultimate bill in the wallet. Although I have seen many similar wallet type of effects, I have never seen such excellent quality as what is in the “Fuji Wallet.”


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