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Finally the ability to control a spectators’ chosen card without any sleight of hand, nor marked cards! This is a high quality, re-designed straight forward utility prop that does the work for you allowing you to focus on presentation.

In 1980 Jim Spence was producing magic shows for an amusement part in Chicago. Like all magicians do, whenever they visit a new city – they make it a priority to visit the famous magic shops and in Chicago we all know that was Magic Inc.

Luckily for Jim, not only was Jay Marshall present but also there as was Don Lawton and Patrick Page. It was one of those great moments for Jim and he watched Patrick show a card effect where a spectator select a card, the deck would be shuffled a number of times and low and behold their card would magically end up on the top of the deck! While not unheard of, the fact that this was accomplished without either a marked deck or any sleight of hand – really intrigued Jim.

Jim learned this was accomplished via a special gimmick that while rudimentary worked very well, but would never stand up to any scrutiny and had to be very carefully handled. Just recently Jim took the conceptual idea (a concept that dated back to 1952) and improved it dramatically. The end result is the construction of a special gimmick that upon viewing close up, not even magicians would think twice about.

Now you can have this special gimmick that will empower you to easily control the location of a spectators chosen card to the top of the deck with no sleight or marked deck! As stated before the methodology is not new, but we at Stevens Magic can say with confidence that the quality of this gimmick has “never” been so well constructed.

Bonus: While the item comes standard with only printed instructions, Stevens Magic is going to include a little DVD that features Jim Spence discussing the history and showing how you can use the special gimmick.  The DVD is a “value added” an will be provided while supplies last.  It’s a short running DVD, but is a nice visual supplement compared to just the printed instructions.

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