Ultimate Cards Across (DVD) Nick Lewin

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DVD and Gimmicks! A hit from Nick’s lecture now available online! The Cards Across is fine magic that has been a hit in many magicians show. However visibility has never been its strongest point. This version has deconstructed the effect and arrived at the most visual Cards Across possible. The punch of having red cards pass into a blue packet makes this an outstandingly visual piece of magic. The cards that can transfer between the two packages can even be selected by audience members in the routine if so desired. The routine plays equally well in a living room or a 2,000 seat theater and is the ultimate ‘packs small and plays big’ piece of magic. A timeless method to a classic effect from Billy McComb that has been re-invented and expanded by Lewin. No palming, no angle problems just great magical entertainment for any aged audience.

There is a comprehensive DVD explaining this effect and giving ideas for its presentation but no performance video. The routine I actually use would take another entire DVD to cover! Use your own imagination to sell the ingenious methodology for this classic effect! Catch Nick’s lecture to see his personal handling.

” This effect comes complete with the special Bicycle cards, DVD instructions and all the other props needed for you to be able to add this effect to your show immediately. “I put your version of “Cards Across” into my show Saturday night and it played to a big response! The routine is worry free and leaves you free to entertain. Nice.” Mark Price

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