Ultimate Coin In Vanishing Bottle – Nick Lewin

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Just realised I have done Nick’s “Coin in Vanishing Bottle” in every show I have done the last 6 months. I have thought about doing coin in bottle on stage for years, but needed the right handling. Nick made it suitable for stage. Best investment I have done in years..  – Kristian Skovbo 

A classic trick with a vanishing twist! The Ultimate Coin in Vanishing Bottle has been a signature effect and secret weapon in Nick Lewin’s professional show for several decades. In this show stopping routine Nick manipulates sight, sound and audience response to create the ultimate version of this venerable classic.

Nick Lewin

This initial release is limited to 50 sets that contain everything needed to present this effect exactly as Nick performs it. The limited edition includes a special certificate that grants full television performance rights to the purchaser. These rights are non transferable. This routine is perfect for a stunning TV set.

The powerful and original new finale results in four separate escalating rounds of applause that truly takes this effect to another level of impact. This routine is great and original entertainment for corporate, nightclub and stage performers. It could well become the most talked about trick in your repertoire

This DVD is a virtual master class in performing. Every detail needed to master this effect is explained in detail making it “performance ready” for any magician. The DVD contains two separate segments of performance footage. This footage will NOT be made available on this website or any social media out of fairness to our purchasers.


  • Performance/Instruction Notes from Nick.
  • Full script.
  • DVD with two sets of live performance: Theater and nightclub, plus full demonstration.
  • Folding Kennedy Half Dollar with matching coin.
  • Extra bands for the Folding Kennedy Half Dollar.
  • Customized Glass Coca Cola Bottle in a Koozie.
  • Customized Nielsen Vanishing Bottle.
  • Certificate for Television Performance Rights.

“I saw this as a participant on stage, the routine is stunning. The surprise ending fooled the S*** out of me…a fantastic ending for a classic! After 42 years as a magician, I always love incredible thinking…” Mark Yeager

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