Ultimate Coin Magic Collection, Volume 4 (Roth) (DVD)

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TWO VOLUMES ON ONE DVD! The greatest collection of coin magic ever assembled on DVD. Why not learn form the best? On this DVD, David teaches some of the techniques that earned him not only accolades from Dai Vernon, but from magicians worldwide. This is visual, miraculous coin magic taught by one of the greatest practitioners the world has ever known. It’s the ultimate!

In the volume, David performs and teaches wonderful coin magic suitable for performance in a dinner setting using props one might find on a typical restaurant or dining room table. Also, David teaches elegant coin flourishes for all skill levels, followed by a number of stunts and wagers with coins that are guaranteed to fool your friends.

Shown in two sections – DINNER TABLE COIN MAGIC: Coins To Cup, Weeping Coin, Napkin Ring Coin Vanish, Dime In Sugar Packet, Cold Coin, Napkin Coin Vanish, Chanin’s Con Production and many others. COIN FLOURISHES, STUNTS AND WAGERS: The Coin Roll, The Swivel Pivot, The Elbow Catch, Squeeze Play, Match On Nickel, Coin On Plate, Scratch, Coin Cross, Holding Change, Quarter On Edge and many others.


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