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Another clever device from Magic Wagon which provides no less than 14 outs in a very clean and practical frame. This utility device has plenty of potential for sure! Effect: This has to be one of the strongest mentalism effects we have ever produced!

The performer shows what will be the prediction outcome and places it inside an envelope. The envelope is then placed on a small wooden stand where it remains in full view. Two spectators are now chosen to participate in an experiment of pairing choice and chance events with playing cards. The performer now asks the first spectator to name the value of any card. There is absolutely no force of any kind, the spectator can really name any number/face card in the deck, even the Joker! Another spectator then picks a card (face down) to get any random suit. Let’s say, for example, the first spectator names the number “8” and the second spectator selects “Spades.” The performer now shows both hands completely empty, picks up the stand, removes the envelope and takes out the prediction. To everyone’s surprise, the prediction inside the envelope IS the Eight of Spades! It is a stunning and inexplicable effect.

This is an ingenious and marvelous mechanical method and the engineering behind it is absolutely brilliant! Each stand is completely hand-crafted from natural aged teak wood and measures approximately 7” wide and 6.5” tall. This is unquestionably one truly memorable and baffling effect!

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