Ultimate Dancing Cane


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A standard theatrical rule: When emotion gets too much for words, we sing. When emotion gets too much for song, we dance!
Ultimate Dancing Cane

What more can I say? these are the lightest, most beautiful wood canes ever made for the professional magic market. I made a first edition of these over 10 years ago, and sold hundreds in just a few months…. a second improved edition sold out 5 years later as well.

The new Wack-O-Magic edition is so light. About 2 oz! That’s a third the weight of a creekmore cane. This means that the “stuff” that holds it up can ALMOST be invisible. It has to be seen to be believed. IT LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE a 34.5 inch WEATHERED, ANTIQUE CANE and is so beautiful you’ll want to weep and then dance with it when you see it.

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