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When I told Joe about this amazing DVD’s which astonishing manipulation moves and the first of it’s kind to really tip “everything” about Billiard Balls, Joe asked me, “Who’s it by?” When I told him Levent, he said, “That guy blew me away years ago that Desert Magic Seminar with his amazing dexterity, presentation and professionalism,  Levent is the “total package” and more and this DVD is as good as you will ever get when it comes to teaching everything.  For years we were asked by our customers for an instructional DVD course on the classic manipulation performance.  We had the Fakini Balls and still do, but didn’t have a comprehensive course – UNTIL NOW!  When you see the video, you will become a believer – in fact all you have to do is see the demo video below to get you on board!

Levent’s “Ultimate Guide to the Billiard Balls” is everything you ever wanted to know about this, the greatest stage manipulation effect of all time! This DVD set just got a fantastic review in Genii Magazine! More details coming soon!

Watch the  video clip below with scenes from this groundbreaking instructional video!

In this photo are the magic props that Levent used on the “Ultimate Guide to the Billiard Balls” 3-DVD Set
This monumental three-DVD set will teach you the Multiplying Billiard Ball routines of the Greats of Magic including Cardini, Roy Benson, Ade Duval and Paul Potassy.

In these videos, sleight-of-hand master Levent gives you step-by-step instructions for all the moves and techniques you need to know in order to perform this stage magic effect. These instructions range from the most simple and basic moves, to complex and difficult sleights. Levent also shares never-before revealed secrets.

Included on this DVD set is Levent’s complete re-creation and explanation of Cardini’s entire eight-billiard ball routine and the six-ball routine of Roy Benson. These explanations are a master class on manipulation as practiced by the best exponents of the art.

Levent’s Ultimate Guide to the Billiard Balls is OVER FIVE HOURS LONG!  We suggest you check out our line of Fakini products, because with this DVD and a set of Fakini Billiard Balls – you’re on your way!  You can view our Fakini Products by clicking – FAKINI PRODUCTS!


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