Ultimate Guide To The Miser’s Dream (Levent) – DVD


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This monumental 3-DVD set will teach you The Miser.s Dream routines of the greats of magic including Al Flosso, T. Nelson Downs, Roy Benson, Charlie Miller, Paul Potassy and many more!

In these DVDs, Levent gives you step-by-step instructions for all the sleights you need to know to perform this classic stage magic effect. The lessons range from the most simple and basic moves to the complex and difficult never-before-revealed secrets of the masters.

This DVD collection is the most complete work available on the many secret gimmicks and devices used for The Miser’s Dream, as well as many bits of business that have made this effect a commercial classic.

As a bonus, Levent teaches you all the secrets of his personal Miser.s Dream routine. This single routine is a master class on creativity and the construction of professional level secret magic apparatus. These DVDs are five hours long and are easy to navigate through!


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