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Nick Lewin was cut from the same mold and be-friended by legends including Fred Kaps, Ken Brooke, Billy McComb and Maurice Fogel.  Richard Webster considers him to be one of the greatest performers in the art! Stevens Magic is excited to offer his products to you!

A fabulous close-up routine—in a different way! A perfect routine for the strolling magician! This is a sleight-of-hand effect that involves NO actual sleight-of-hand, but appears to take a lot more skill than it does! A freely selected card is signed, and then arrives inside an envelope that has been resting in full view on the table in front of the performer PRIOR to the selection of the card.

  • • No Palming. • Envelope can be sealed.
  • • The effect ends clean. • Angle proof.
  • • Automatically resets at the conclusion and is ready to repeat!
  • • A professional routine that entertains and is easy to do.

Don’t miss this one—especially if you like card effects! Not just a normal “take a card effect”.

Nick Lewin - Magician

Alternative Ad Copy: 100% astounding! Your spectators will be truly astonished and amazed as a chosen and signed card apparently arrives inside an envelope that has been resting on the table since before the trick started! A stunning piece of extreme close-up magic.

Clean, powerful, and simple to learn. This handling is so deceptive that it can achieve a stunning effect with minimal effort. In other versions when you might run the risk of palming a card while in this routine you avoid any risk of being “caught” and get a big laugh while you do so! This is smart magic.

No pre-set, no palming and zero re-set. Perfect for the strolling magician. The performer who is willing to spend half an hour in front of a mirror practicing this routine will be rewarded with a gem of close up magic that you will perform time and again.

Everything you need to perform this routine is supplied in duplicate, all you need to add is a red backed deck of Bicycle playing cards and that half hour in front of the mirror.

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