Ultimate Slow Motion Newspaper Tear (DVD) Nick Lewin


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Nick Lewin was cut from the same mold and be-friended by legends including Fred Kaps, Ken Brooke, Billy McComb and Maurice Fogel.  Richard Webster considers him to be one of the greatest performers in the art! Stevens Magic is excited to offer his products to you!

Truly A Classic Effect In The Magic World! Nick’s version is clear cut and can be performed in any venue! It is a clear-cut effect that can be performed for any size audience, and it can be presented silently or as a talk item. This version has been created and based on the brilliant Alex Elmsley Tear. The presentation has been re-thought to add a much bigger punch to the effect.

This DVD teaches exactly how to prepare and present the effect. Thirty plus years of actual performing experience have made Nick’s handling of this effect the “Ultimate” in audience reaction. Nick closes every show with this effect and has learned how to make it look like one of the closest things to real magic you will ever witness. Now he teaches you to do the same! A big bargain that will play BIG for you!

Nick Lewin Magician

Alternative Ad Copy: This is the smoothest version of the classic torn and restored newspaper you have ever seen! Nick’s handling of Alex Elmsley’s brilliant effect is the routine he has closed his show on for 30 years. Why do the routine in Slo-Mo? Check out the standing ovation that Nick gets in the video clip on this page. The slow motion element turns a good trick into a huge applause getter that allows the audience to register every amazing stage of the restoration.

Every single move and subtlety in the preparation and presentation of the routine is explained in detail. If you want to add this classic effect to your repertoire there is no better way to learn it. The instruction on this DVD is meticulous and complete. The performers POV video that illustrates the construction of the gimmick shows exactly how to do it RIGHT. Not one move, tip, or wrinkle is left unrevealed, it is a true learning experience.

Mr Elmsley is on record as saying this is the most effective handling of his effect that he had ever seen. Given the instructions on this DVD and a little practice, you will be soon be performing one of the most effective routines in magic. Nick closed his award winning show in Las Vegas with this effect for five years. He also featured it on his ACE nominated performance on the”Wise Guys Tonight” television special.

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