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What is Edward Crawford’s Ultra Vision Principle? It is a gimmick or a device that enables you to perform true miracles. Just one of which is the perfect Psychometry routine.

You take a number of blank cards free of pencil marks or nail nicks or any of the traditional methods of marking. You give the cards to spectators and you give one spectator a black cloth bag. Each of the spectators draw something on the cards. The cards are collected and dropped in a black cloth bag which is supplied. The cards are mixed up in the bag and it is handed to you.

You then reach into the bag and draw out a card and instantly tell the person who wrote or drew upon it something about themselves and then you accurately identify the spectator and hand the card to him or her.
The spectators can take the cards home with them as souvenirs! The cards can be examined and the cards can be compared with the other cards used. There is absolutely nothing to be seen, sniffed, or felt. The Ultra Gimmick does all the work for you.

The gimmick is ingenious and original. Handled correctly it is completely invisible. It is cleverly made and staggeringly ingenious. It is something that every magician knows about but it has been very cleverly modified and changed.

One of the effects supplied consists of five ESP cards and they are laminated and have plain white card backs. The cards can be examined thoroughly and compared with each other. If you placed them all face down on the table you would have to be a miracle worker or have second sight to be able to say which card is which. You show and envelope and have it examined and a card is placed inside. You ask the audience to confirm the card is not visible through the paper envelope. Now you turn your back and ask one of the spectators to take any one of the cards and place it face down into the envelope.

When the other cards are hidden away you turn round and pick up the envelope and seal it and give it to a spectator. In that very split second the Ultra Vision Gimmick tells you exactly what the card is in the envelope.
The gimmick is ingenious and completely original. If handled correctly it is completely invisible and unseen.
The photographically-illustrated instructions detail a number of effects you can perform, but you will discover other ways to use Ultra Vision Principle. Yes it is a special system for marking things. Yes it is invisible. Yes you can perform using it on a stage or right under their eyes.

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