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This is a brilliant example of something spectators would NEVER imagine as to the “how” it’s done!

UNCUPPLED: An unfathomable penetration. Everything may be examined! Back by popular demand. The props are simple. A coffee mug, a cord and a handkerchief.

The cord is threaded through the handle of the coffee mug. The mug and cord are covered with a handkerchief. The ends of the cord are threaded through a hole in the hankie. The ends of the cord are handed to a spectator to hold. The spectator tugs on the cord to make sure it is firmly attached to the mug. A little magic, and the cord seems to melt right through the handle of the mug! Everything may be handed for immediate examination! The hankie, cord and mug are all clean as a whistle!! Yet, the entire effect is mechanical and virtually self working!

Comes with the cup, rope, hankie and very special gimmick. Not to mention extremely good instructions. Originally offered from Stevens Magic, from Magic Hands Germany.

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