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Unholey! has everything. Audience participation, comedy, drama and an unbelievable, yet memorable climax! Unholey! comes with several routines allowing you to tailor your performance to any age!

Unholey! allows you to leave your audience with a souvenir they will tell all their family and friends about for days, months and even years to come!  Unholey! makes them remember YOU!

The Unholey! system allows you to create custom templates and includes detailed instructions on how to give your audience an Unholey experience! Works with any currency and many other mediums. Mac or PC compatible.

Unholey! Deluxe Kit: Comes with everything you need to do Unholey! right out of the package. C’mon, you have a life and time is a luxury…  If you’re like us, we want to be able to get a product that is ready to go right out of the package! This is it!

“Unholey!!! Unreal!!! This is good stuff here!!! This thing is as versatile and as strong as it gets. This thing is Killer, I mean Killer!!! This is a reputation making effect. Buy this thing, it pays for itself the first time out, period!!” – Renzo Baronti

“This is really novel, unique…and downright creative! I will put this system to good use with several different effects, including a couple of the effects that Max sends along with the CD Rom. Can’t think of a better souvenir to leave with an audience member or that special person or client.” – – A.J Polizzi

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