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For centuries magicians have sought after tools and effects that promise to make them appear telepathic. Robert Smith creator of Wounded, has desighned the most useful tool to that end. Universal Impression is exceedingly innovative and flawless in its desighn. This extremely effective tool does not rely on traditional impression device principles, yet is remarkably easy. Your audience will be completly astounded by your abilty to read their minds and convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt of your authenticity. Limitless in its versatility, Universal Impression can be used with a card box, a wallet, books, a pack of cigerattes, or any number of other common items present during impromptu performances. There are many gimmicks on the market but this is the first designed for close-up magic that allows you to perform the strongest and cleanest mind reading effects imaginable. Simply put, if you were given the opportunity to perform just one effect this is it.

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