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Imagine a “book test” that does NOT use gimmicked books? That’s right – no gimmicked books.

Just a great idea from Jim Spence and Chuck Crespo! Using a R.W. Hull effect from 1935! (Hull was the master card effect Magi back then!)

Effect: A book is placed in front of the spectator along with a deck of cards (which are removed from its case). Cards are shown to be all different, Bicycle poker cards. The deck is cut by the spectator several times and cards are selected to arrive at a page number.

The spectator picks up the book and turns to that page and counts over to the total number of the two cards and concentrates on that word!

The performer, AT ONCE, discloses the word! Unbelievable! We think you will love this simple and sweet method, which is so fun and easy to do!

Keep in mind the following features of this effect:

  • No Memory Work.
  • Self-Working.

This is one of those great effects that allows you to concentrate on the performance and enjoy doing so!

NOTE: The books shown in the photo do not come with the effect, and are soley used as props for conceptual purposes.   Use any two books


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