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I expect you to have read and digested the classics of mentalism and have an interest in character analysis and/or readings of some kind. This is a booklet focusing on dreams and memories in a mentalism context. Routines, inventions and plots. There is also an unique reading system that lets you create a unique item to giveaway/sell to each person that you read for. Some DIY is needed for some items. None of it requires anything expensive apart from your time. Envelopes, post-it notes, scissors, business cards, cheap normal books – that kind of thing.

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For close-up, informal, social, formal, house-parties and on the toilet.

Review by Tony Iacoviello

Before I get into mentioning my thoughts on VALID-DICTION, I want to disclose that I bought this book, bought it through Lulu, and ordered it before I was aware of a code for shipping, so I paid full price for the book and shipping. I prefer to purchase and support creators, even when offered review copies.

Iain spends a lot of time and creative effort in designing the book, this was apparent in the cover art, back and front, fonts, color selection, and matching binding spiral. The graphics are perfect for the book and material, This is the first book of Iain’s I have that is spiral bound, my others are all perfect (glue) bound. The binding works for this book as I spent a lot of time thinking about what he wrote and the spiral allows the book to sit on the table flat with the current page facing you.

This book is a personal message from Iain to the community; it is full of opinion, sage advice, concerns, and wonderful material. In addition to the written word and photos in the book, there are links to videos to make things more clear, it is a multimedia experience. I don’t plan on detailing everything in the book, that is what reading it is about, but I will try to give a flavor of the book.

The book begins with an essay and Iain’s current thoughts on our art. I found myself nodding in agreement at his points as I read. I don’t want to spoil anything for those who have not read it yet, when you read the book, do not skip over this. This essay and the last statement in the book go together.

The next section, pages 13-21, Iain mentions the benefits of research, even a little bit, then follows it up with a fantastic routine utilizing his research example, psychometry.

Continuing on with research, pages 21-53 contain a number of routines and thoughts using dreams as a theme. The material is very good, some using standard methodology, all with Iain’s twists that make them unique. You can construct an entire act with this material. The real lesson here is not the effects, it is how to adapt them to a these or concept.

Rounding out this half of the book is Iain’s Sitting on Hoy. This piece can be done on stage, platform, someone’s home, or in the pub. Some will say, :wow, an easy to do and easy to understand Chair Routine:, I say, “yes, all that and more, look at what you can do with it and apply to it.”

Next comes an interlude with multimedia experiences with billets and papier-mâché, I kid you not!

Following the interlude are Unconscious Learning, a wonderful routine using a book (not just a book test). Wonderful thoughts on a technique, entitled EVQOVIUQE, one can guess what the technique is. Rounding out this section is a perceptional concept using the sections of the brain, that can be applied to any routine where information is revealed. Looking at the cover art, back and front I wonder if this was the influence…

TORNAMANCY, the next section, is for me, the best piece of thinking and application I have come across in years. As a reader in entertainment venues and home parties, this is fantastic, a reading system with giveaways, sitter participation, and the social media marketing idea… This should be its own book. This is the end of the book, excluding the bonus section which is only available for a short period. And this is the note to go out on, not only the highlight of the book, but the highlight in psychic entertainment for quite some time. My mind is afire with variations and applications.

Rounding out this edition of the book is the bonus – The Cheapskate Billet Envelope. This is a well illustrated (photos) and detailed (text) multiple out billet envelope which is easy to contract, simple to use, and has hosts of applications.

My thoughts, I really love this book. Iain makes a lot of points, gives superlative advice, sets a record straight, provides excellent material, details a brilliant system for readings, provides material that can be used anywhere from casual setting to formal show, personal to stage. If you have not read Iain’s works before, be advised he speaks from the heart and occasionally uses language (certain words) to express his thoughts. If this is his Opus, which I hope it is not, it is the one to go out on. I highly recommend this book. – Tony Iacoviello

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