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Limited Edition Set!  Stevens Magic is excited to be the exclusive provider of this quality product.

“Elegant, vividly enticing and bold – Van Helsing has nailed it with this package. This will be my go to Tarot kit from now on!” Neal Scryer

This is a product we have been waiting for…  We have been big fans of Van Helsing and for over two years we have asked him to provide us this coveted marked Tarot deck and companion book.  Now they are finally available.  This is a beautiful set of Tarot cards with a unique and easy to recognize marking system that puts you in control. The book is chock full of information along with some of Van Helsing’s personal reading effects.

Who is Van Helsing?  Van Helsing is a man with gypsy origins (on his mothers side). Van Helsing grew up in a spiritual family, where from early age he was exposed to many different traditions and paths of spirituality. His Father was a lodge grand master and initiated V a n H e l s i n g to the secrets of occultism and hermetism. Since his young age, Van Helsing developed medianic ability and was able to astonish with his accurate predictions. Van Helsing uses Tarot Card reading skills and intuition to answer questions from all those that seek him out. You too will be able to emulate Van Helsing’s abilities when you use this custom manufactured deck.

Implementing what is unquestionably the most recognized and preferred design from the original Rider Waite Tarot, this package is absolutely beautiful with its vivid, eye-catching color scheme. This deluxe set, contains not only the special marked deck, but also the beautiful hard bound instructional booklet which features elegant and refined layout, crisp and enticing artwork. The deck and book companion is targeted for individual who appreciates the best and nothing less.  The book contains explicit instructional and education regards to each card, as well as provides Van Helsing’s personal suggestions, routines and teachings.  The book will direct you as to how to interpret the cards for readings. The book is a hard bound with approx. 100 pages, printed with beautiful artwork can contains the following chapters:

  1. History
  2. Major Arcana – With a detailed narrative introducing and defining of each.
  3. Fool’s Journey
  4. Reading
  5. Ritual
  6. Celtic Cross
  7. Secrets – which reveals the marking of the cards
  8. Symbols
  9. Effects – Teaches some of Van Helsings personal readings such as: The Star, Blind Reading, Secret Tarot Card, Tarot Q&A, Pendulum Arcana, Tarot Design Duplication
  10. About Van Helsing

An additional small  quick reference sheet is also included that only shows the marking system and code.  We at Stevens Magic have never seen anything like it before.  This deck has a simple and unique marking system.  This is the perfect set combined of both the original tarot deck and the beautiful hardbound book.  We are very excited to bring these to you – FINALLY!

Sample: These are difficult lessons, especially since they are usually learned as a result of life experiences that require both basic and profound changes. (Wheel of Fortune, The Hanged Man and Death).

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