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Jonthan Todd Wants To Put Money In Your Pockets – And It’s No Magic Trick!  Download this 24-Page Special Edition Vanish Magic Magazine for FREE! 

Welcome Back My Friends To The Show That Never Ends! Special Thanks to Paul Romhany at Vanish Magic Magazine for allowing us to share this recently published Special Edition.  We encourage you to get this 24-Page edition for FREE!  Simply add it to your cart and check out – no money needed.  If you are a performing magician you owe it to yourself to learn about this opportunity!  

Stevens Magic Emporium and Stevens Magic Global along with Vanish Magic Magazine (Paul Romhany) are excited to introduce: Hotel Magic LLC.  What is Hotel Magic LLC?  It is a well disciplined, emotionally motivated effort to get professional magicians work!  After years of stagnation, as many of you already know, people are starving for entertainment.   Not the sitting on your couch streaming but interacting with our fellow human beings, engaging in a dynamic that offers no alternative. Even those that consider themselves independent are hungry for the laughter or tears that we experience in the presence of others.  Magic is one of a few arts that has the quality of reaching inside peoples hearts, minds and souls. I have always believed that the art of magic is much more than entertainment. At its best there is a beneficial therapeutic quality that pushes our buttons which rivals any other life experience.

Who is the driving force behind Hotel Magic LLC?  A man that understands the power of the art as stated above, and who also has a talent for recognizing timing. A man that has been in the entertainment business professionally for many years – who has successfully represented or worked with many of the elite in the Music business – primarily but not exclusively in “Rock & Roll! (such as Mick Fleetwood of Fleetwood Mac).  Just as the people are hungry to engage once again, so too are the artists that have endured hardships both financial and expressive as a result of being sidelined from the pandemic.

The world is starting to open up again, the shell of the oyster is just starting to take in light.  Jonathan Todd is the person that will facilitate bringing these two groups together again. With mad passion he wants to make up for lost time.  And typical to his roots in “Rock and Roll” he wants to do it right!  Star Manager Style (that is Jonathan alias for many of the musicians he represents).   We are not talking about booking gigs in Topeka, Kansas, that’s NOT how Star Manager rolls – we’re talking about HAWAII!

On The Record: Mark Stevens 

I would hope the majority reading this, are people that have known either myself my father Joe or both.  We’re a family business.  I cherish the personal relationships I have with all of you.  I have always attempted to be your advocates. I believe for great majority we have earned your trust and enjoy a fun camaraderie — sometimes its more like a college fraternity than a magic one — but the point is we have a lot of fun.   I’ve known Jonathan Todd for many years and without hesitation can enthusiastically endorse him.  I have confidence in his abilities. My father taught me the greatest measurements of success is ones role in helping other people achieve it.  Successful people that hold on to their successes and use them as a means to distance themselves from others, lack emotional intelligence and suffer from myopia. Worse – they’re boring.

Jonathan Todd is the real deal… This is a man successful in his own right who realizes its not just about the money!  It’s about finding a cause, working with like-minded people, enjoying the creative process and realizing the reward is greater when building something bigger than yourself.  Jonathan Todd is on a mission and his mission is to find work for many of YOU, and put money in your pockets and fill the seats of the exclusive hotel properties on the Islands with people anxious to experience the art of magic!   Stevens Magic Emporium and Stevens Magic Global are on board in anyway we can help to facilitate this process.    NOW – ADD THE FREE 24-PAGE DOWNLOAD to your cart and check out!

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