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The original – Norm Nielsen’s empty coke bottle which is used for a multitude of magical effects. Bottle dimensions: 7.5″ high X 2.25″ diameter

You too will agree when you purchase this product. If there was one product that magician’s could instantly recognize and was synonymous with Norm Nielsen, it was his vanishing bottles.

This product description was updated May 14th, 2020, shortly after Norm’s passing.  While it is my understanding that Norm, unlike Roy Horn (who also passed within weeks of Norm) did not have Covid/19., The pandemic none-the-less was possibly if not for certain was responsible due to the fact that Lupe (Norm’s wife), depsite vigilant attempts was unable to get Norm medical attention due to the fact that doctor’s offices were not seeing patients because of the pandemic.  Lupe is the definition of dynamite because like it she comes in a small package but is tenacious and powerful.  Norm was very fortunate to have had such a strong, loyal and committed partner from down south.  Lupe remains which makes the unfortunate passing of Norm, less painful becuase for anyone that knew them all these years – you knew they were one in the same.  The Nielsen magic flag still flies high in the sky thanks to Lupe.

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