Vectra Maxx Heavy Duty Stage Thread


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Product Description

If Steve Fearson’s Vectra Threads were Superheros, MAXX would be The Hulk. It’s a jet black monofilament with a strengh to thickness ratio that’s blowing minds around here.

The heaviest thread we offer, MAXX is your invisible assistant on stage. It’s a workhorse of a thread that won’t fray and resists tangling. At the picture you see Steve Fearson himself holding a regular 2,5 kilo weight, supported by just one single strand of Vectra MAXX in a loop!

In the proper conditions, Vectra MAXX is suitable for levitations but you’re going to want to bring it into play where strength is the absolute priority. It’s primary use will be for stage work and situations where you have control over your lighting and backdrop.

Use MAXX to…

  • Animate and lift very heavy objects
  • Rig props and gimmicks like a pull for example
  • Smash through the limitations preventing you from achieving the impossible effect you’ve been dreaming of!
  • 1 spool contains nearly 100 meters.

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