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This is an incredible card trick from the Ken Brooke Magic Range, easy to do, but what a killer effect!  It probably is the most revered effect in terms of satisfying so many difficult criteria.

  • East To Perform.
  • Very Quick Reset.
  •  Magic That Happens In The Spectator’s Hands.
  • Exceptionally Visual.
  • Incredible Reaction.

Effect: A card is place don each of the spectator’s hands. He correctly identifies each one and one card is turned over. The performer then tears the other card up and places the pieces into the spectator’s hand. A second later, when he opens his hand, the pieces are still there but have changed to the card which was face down on his other hand. That card is turned over. It is the card, which was torn up!

Of course like any good performance the key is in how it’s done.  Check out the video for a quick idea.

Photo Credits:  – Images used with permission.

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