Victorian Coin Vase by Colin Rose, Paul Coker


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Note: Images, ad copy and video provided with permission from Andy Martin’s Magic –

Joe Stevens Personal Collection

Provenance: Originally purchased directly from Colin Rose by Joe Stevens.  Stored in box since purchase.  Joe is offering some more of his life-time collectibles and antiques.  Only ONE unit available – First Come – First Served.   This item is elevated to a fine art and is more than just a magic product.  A stunning beautiful piece of magic for performance of collecting.  Rare – Mint Condition. 

Colin Rose released a series of old fashioned magic apparatus under his Victorian Collection banner with the intricacies and artistic appeal of a long forgotten era where attention to details by the craftsmen of the time made these items museum quality pieces to be cherished over generations. This is a lost art as it requires skill and patience. These were created in association with Colin’s friend Paul Coker and this fine example was crafted by Paul Coker as can be seen by the stamp on the bottom of the vase.

Paul Coker worked alongside Colin to create some of the ornate issues in the Victorian Collection which was in celebration of The Magic Circle Centenary (2005), this also included some of the more elaborate issues from The Trafalgar Collection which was issued the same year. Paul’s work is also featured in The Harlequin Collection and a few one off issues that went into Private Collections. Paul and Colin’s association lasted for about seven years when Paul retired and focused on his ornamental turnings and restoration work for which he was world renown before his involvement with Colin.

With both Colin and Paul now retired finding this sort of impeccable wood turning is almost impossible for any price. The vase works perfectly and Colin and Paul thought of everything – there is even room enough to secrete a coin in the base when the vase stands flat on the table which adds more opportunities for magic and mystery. When you hold a magnificent item like this in your hands you begin to understand why so many collectors and magicians are drawn to wood turnings – talk about magic in the palm of your hands. Just breathtaking and even Floyd Thayer would be proud of this piece.

  • Exquisite Coin Vase.
  • Custom Oak Presentation case.
  • Original Instructions.

Effect: This Exquisite piece of Magical Apparatus is made from African Blackwood and Bone, using Wood Turning Techniques dating back to the 17th Century. Here at Five of Hearts Magic we try to create for you the most beautiful Magic available … anywhere in the World!

The Coin Vase will enable you to make a coin disappear and then return or change. This being the basic principle of the ancient coin vase routine. The appearance and disappearance of a coin is of course just the basic idea, and we hope that this beautiful example of Magical Fine Art will inspire creativity and some interesting ideas that can be used in your own Magic Performance.

In our efforts to introduce highly stylized and original Magic to the “Victorian Collection” we have found that Ornamental & Rose Engine Turning Styles work in perfect harmony with some of the Magical Apparatus from our Heritage & History…by introducing this element to our turned products they have been elevated to a level of Fine Art and something much more than just Magic! We offer them to the Magic Community not just as beautiful and stunning ‘Collectables’ but to use in Magic Performance whenever possible!


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