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Wooden Houlette Hand made from Solid Walnut. They rise so high they fall out of the Houlette. Wireless Pushbutton Remote Control. Completely Silent. Cards can be removed from Houlette and shown Freely. Cards rise from the center of the Deck & any number of Cards can Rise.

A deck of Jumbo Bicycle cards is shown sitting in its box on a beautiful Victorian walnut houlette. The case is removed and placed on the table and the cards are spread out between your hands so the audience can see they are normal. They are then placed into the houlette.

The performer brings out a regular size bicycle deck and walks into the audience to have 3 cards selected by random spectators and hold onto their card.. The magician now tells the first spectator to think of his card and show it to the audience. Just as he does the matching jumbo card rises from the houlete.

In fact it rises so high it actually falls out of the houlette. This is repeated by the second spectator. The magician now walks back to the stage and covers the cards in the houlette with a silk handkerchief.

He tells the third spectator to think of and show his card. As he does the handkerchief starts rising in the houlette and stops half way. The magician whisks away the hand kerchief to reveal the third chosen card and takes his bow.

Perfect for Close up, Parlor and Stage. Jumbo Bicycle Deck and Burlap Carrying Bag Included.

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