Victorian Prediction Drawer Box – Dave Powell


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Note: This mechanism does not operate like a traditional drawer box and is designed for this trick. However, you can do any routine with this box that can be done with a regular drawer box. Professor Hoffman described several drawer boxes in Modern Magic in 1876! His first version is in my opinion the best design and both the box and drawer can be taken out and show to be innocent of trickery. My version has an added improvement and can even be handled by the spectator. There are no sliding pins or gimmicked knobs.

Routine: A drawer is removed from the case and a deck of cards with an small envelope underneath is shown. The envelope is said to have a prediction inside it. The envelope is placed back in the drawer by the spectator and the drawer is slid back into the case. The cards are removed from the case and squared up face down on the table. The spectator is requested to turn each card face up and place it on top of the last card in a pile on the table. He can stop anytime he wishes and this will be his selection. You never touch the cards and he has an absolutely free choice as when he wants to stop. The drawer is opened and the envelope removed, inside the envelope is a card that matches the spectators selected card.

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