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Entirely Hand made of Solid Walnut with Brass mechanism. Glass is 7 inches tall and made of Unbreakable Lucite. Walnut tray measures 10 by 18 inches & is Self Contained. No Electronics. Glass is not connected to the tray or performer. Vanishes a silk in the Goblet on the tray with no covering in half a second.

This trick is an adaptation of a trick by prolific magic inventor Warren Stephens that was put out in the 1970’s called Swissh Silk. I have made it in a Victorian style resembling a close up magic platform so that performers can use it before or after the silk vanish for other routines. The Walnut feet are made to be removable if you wish.

Effect: The performer displays an elegant walnut tray and places a goblet glass with a silk in it on the tray. Without any covering the silk vanishes instantly in the blink of an eye. The glass is removed and shown on all side and the performer can continue to use the tray to perform other miracles or the silk can be reproduced in any way the performer desires.

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