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The Egg Bag has been a staple of Magic going back to the Bambergs of Holland and before. There are a number of styles of Egg Bag on the market today. This particular Egg Bag is inspired and based on the “Tarbell Style” Egg Bag having the pocket a couple of inches above the bottom of the bag. This allows the egg to fall into the bag at the right moment, allowing the spectator to remove the egg.

There is an excellent History and Routine in the Tarbel Course in Magic, Book 2, page 277. (Note: is perfect to use in place of the “double handkerchief” described in the routine.

I have used this style Egg Bag for over 40 years and it is by far my preferred design. I am proud to make this version of the Classic Egg Bag available to Magicians everywhere!

Plastic/Wooden Egg included.

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