Vinny Sagoo – Bonus Bundle – Connected – Deception – Attraction – Colorful Kings! Save $18.00

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Save $18 when you purchase the Bundle – Which means your getting Colorful Kings for FREE!

CONNECTED: From Vinny Sagoo. One of the cleanest and easiest mind reading effects ever created! The Low-Down! You hand someone a small plastic card with various colourful objects on one side and wheels with letters on the other. EFFECT: Spectators mentally select ANY object and then turn the card over. They are asked to focus on the first letter of their object and tell you if it is featured on any of the wheels.You then ask them to MENTALLY send you the second and third letters. Finally, after building a mental connection you ask them to send you the full word. You take a deep breath and INSTANTLY reveal the word/object that the spectator is thinking of!

  • VERY easy to do
  • Made on PVC card so it will last you a LIFETIME
  • FULL written and video instruction
  • Can be fully EXAMINED
  • Can repeated straight AWAY
  • Can be preformed totally HANDS off
  • This is something that you will always carry with you!

DECEPTION: From Vinny Sagoo. Whether you choose to tell the truth, or lie, the cards will reveal all! You play the role of a detective, who is investigating a murder at a Grand Manor.

EFFECT: You show eight cards with two potential culprits, two ways to kill the victim and four different rooms. The spectator MENTALLY selects one card with the culprit, method and room. After three truthful answers, the spectator is allowed to LIE, or tell the TRUTH. No matter what they say, the cards reveal the murderer, the method and place that the spectator is THINKING of! A great little packet trick that involves a Cludo type plot.

  • Easy to do
  • Self-working
  • Guaranteed laughter
  • Made with USPCC cards
  • Fully examinable

ATTRACTION: This is a Wild Card effect on STEROIDS! This effect will not only distort the cards, but also your spectator’s MIND!

EFFECT: You show seven cards — six of them are the 10 of Clubs and one card has a drawing of a magnet. You lay three of the cards face down and three face up. You then show the magnet card and wave it over the first face up 10 of Clubs, whereby the back DISTORTS and becomes all WAVY.

You then move the magnet card over the second card in a circle and when turned over, it is a CIRCLE formation. Obviously, the magnet card is having a profound effect on the cards. You then hover the magnet card over the last face up card for a few seconds and when turned over, it has altered the pixels of the card, so that they are now different colours.

You show that the magnet card can also be used to erase sections of a card, like the middle, which you do to the next two face down cards in various ways. For the last card, you put the magnet card on top for a few seconds and when removed, the card is completely BLANK and the 10 of Clubs has been TRANSFERRED to the back of the magnet card.

  • Easy to do
  • Fully examinable
  • Fun routine
  • Custom printed USPCC cards

FREE BONUS: COLORFUL KINGS – Up to $20 Savings! 

EFFECT: You show a small wallet with a prediction, which you place face down on the table. You also show a packet of cards with blue backs, telling the spectator that they are the four Kings. Ask them to name either the red or the black Kings? Imagine that they select the black Kings. You say that you had predicted in advance that they would select the black Kings and proceed to fan the packet of cards to show that the two black Kings are FACE UP. The spectator is then asked to name any one of the black Kings? The Kings of Clubs is selected and when it is turned over, it has a GREEN back, different from the rest. However, when your prediction is turned over, it has the word GREEN written on it. You then show the other black King to have a YELLOW back.

For the finale, the spectator is probably wondering about the red Kings. Well, when you turn those over, they have the words DIFFERENT COLOURS written on them.

  • Easy To Do
  • No Sleights
  • No Sticky Stuff
  • No Rough & Smooth
  • Made with USPCC Cards;
  • Full Video & Written Instructions.

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