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The little booklets that changed everything, those from the famous Impuzzibilities series, have collected, refined and innovated magic into new opportunities and new forums. With magicians assembling shows for interactive, virtual, and video formats, this is the material that’s highly prized by performers and audiences alike, with tricks that engage, involve and delight. Even better, the Impuzzibilities series contains tricks that famously astonish you as you try them. “That can’t possibly work,” you’ll tell yourself, over and over again. But it does. Virtual Impuzzibilities, the 9th book (the white one with the dog), is not a compilation from other books, but has 14 new tricks. That’s more than any other book in the series.

This collection has been assembled with “Virtual” in mind. Among the effects: Crime Doesn’t Pay, a crime solved when three spectators “steal” coins at their location. Zeitgeist, a spell cast for one spectator, remotely, and executed miraculously by any number of participating spectators, remotely. Subversive Math is the strangest coincidence imaginable, a total predicted from a series of weirdly random numbers. French Dressing is an astonishing Oil and Water Routine that takes place completely in the spectators’ hands, with a miraculous change at the end.

Virtual Applause addresses the problem of applause on Zoom, and turns it into an amazing prediction. And finally, The Enigma Process is a system for divining a word, letter-by-letter, that does all the hard work for you and delivers astonishing results. Like all the other books in the series, the tricks are clearly presented and illustrated with helpful charts; the secrets do all the work, and the amazement makes your job a pleasure.

You’ll enjoy every minute: reading, trying, and then performing! You’ll find it on our website, with the other 8 titles in.

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