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Without question the number one selling effect Buma has ever sold at Blackpool!

Buma has combined two sure-fire, time-tested magic winners – Money and Penetrations! In doing so he as taken them into the stratosphere!  If you’re looking for original effects, I’m talking about thinking outside the box consistently – Buma is “THE” guy. 

Effect: A Bill (currency) is borrowed by the performer, (any currency can be used) it is then shown on both sides, displaying the bill horizontally for all to see, the performer proceeds to VISIBLY push their extended index and middle fingers right THRU THE BILL, resulting in the performers fingers visually PENETRATING the bill, in one side and out the other side of the borrowed bill!

The performer proceeds to hold the bill vertically with their fingers still visually PENETRATING thru the bill, when slowly the performer’s fingers are seen to visually start to PENETRATE DOWNWARDS thru the entire length of the bill, the performers fingers are seen to continue to PENETRATE downwards thru the bill until they have PENETRATED completely through the length of the bill.

Visual Melt Thru - Buma


The performer now places the edge of the vertically held bill along-side their extended index and middle fingers when suddenly the bill is seen to visually PENETRATE SIDEWAYS thru the performers extended index finger and right out thru the middle finger as well, the bill is then immediately shown front and back and returned to its owner.

Visual Melt Through

Performance benefits:

  • Perfect for all close-up, restaurant, strolling, cruise ships, trade show and similar performance venues.
  • Incorporates the audiences currency.
  • Very visual in performance.
  • Performable seated or standing.
  • Easy to handle and personalize the routine.
  • Portable to carry – V M T fits in your pocket.
  • Each and every Visible Melt Thru – V M T is hand crafted by BUMA in San Francisco.
  • Included with each and every Visible Melt Thru – V M T is Buma’s personal routine handling for the effect.
  • Designed and hand crafted in the USA by Mark BUMA Burger of House of Magic San Francisco.
  • Limited Availability – House of Magic @2019
  • Comes with sequential photo. step-by-step instructions.  An additional Teach-In Video is also available.

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1 review for Visual Melt Thru – BUMA – House of Magic

  1. Brian

    Talk about thinking outside the box! Buma doesn’t even know there’s a box! Think “Tenyo ingenuity”, add a touch of Buma genius and then package into an effect that’s highly visual, organic and commercial!

    This is a powerful stand-alone effect in its own right, which can also be used as a sprinkling of magic in a longer routine in which ANY bill or note is used (any currencies as the bill is not gaffed!)

    This is a winner!


    Thanks Brian! Buma in my opinion year-after-year has created incredibly unique effects and I really think he is worthy of any-all recognition.

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