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Is this a great photo of what?  Special thanks first to the creative genius of Juan Mayoral and also to Stevens Magic’s professional photographer Christopher Clark, who over the past 25 years has developed quite an expertise for shooting magic effects. Thanks for Doc Eason for flying into Stevens Magic Emporium to be our celebrity model during a catalog shoot which included this product.

Imagine lighting a match and having a huge burst of flames leap out! That is exactly what will happen when you use this product. It’s perfect for implenting pyrotechnics during a performance, and also would be the perfect comedy piece for an MC or any one interested in breaking the ice to get a laugh (example), as you light a match to light a cigarette or cigar and as you motion to light it the match propels’ flames that shoot way out (as the photo shows).

  • Startling. A real attention getter!
  • Exceptionaly Visual.
  • Completely safe when used as instructed.
  • No electronics.
  • No flammable fluids.
  • No flash paper.
  • Repeatable.

This is the finest gimmick I’ve seen for throwing flames.  It has never clogged (and won’t), and it’s custom deisigned is perfect in every way! The actual photo used for this item is 100% legitimate and accurate regards to the maximum volume of fire it produces –Joe Stevens

Comes with the specially constructed custom gimmick, and an ample supply of lackopodium powder for hundreds and hundreds of flames!  The gimmick will last for years as the housing is made from a medal.

Disclaimer: This product sold to adults – 21 years or older.

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