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X Marks The Spot!  But…. Couldn’t they have omitted just “one” X in a particular area? ust one look and we were in love! Yes magician’s are a strange group I know – but you have to admit – this little guy nails it when it comes to a visual representation of not only a Voodoo doll, but the cutest damn voodoo doll you ever did see. But don’t be fooled by it’s charm and good looks, it is every bit as possessed as any atrociously ugly voodoo doll!

This guy features SIX cursed zones and even if you are blindfolded, you will be able to tell where the razor sharp pins penetrates! Even better this product comes with 3 Pins. You can have another participant follow the first one even if the pin the first participant leaves the pin in – the magician will know where the 2nd participant places the 2nd pin! That’s right the first participant does not have to remove the pin from the doll! The next participant will place the 2nd pin in a position and the magician will also reveal the exact location.

Optional Routine:  TURN IT UP – You want a better routine – for the purposes of entertainment…  Use a stooge and tell the audience that he or she, will take on the feeling of the Voodoo Doll.   Have the stooge seated away from you so there is no way you can provide him or her any visual cues.  In fact blindfold the stooge. And allow them to mimic the pain exactly in the area the first pin penetrates.  Choose a stooge that had good theatrics and you have something that even 100 years ago is powerful enough to start a religion!

Size: Approximately 12″ Tall by 8″ Wide

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