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VOODOO DOLL PREDICTION! This is a wonderful effect by our friends at R.O. Magic of Germany. Great props, all hand made.

The performer elects to have a person from the audience play the part of a Voodoo priest. “Someone in this audience is going to experience unimaginable pain as a result of this gentleman’s action!”, states the performer. A cloth Voodoo doll is displayed, an effigy representing some unknown person in the room. “Please take these pins and at your discretion, insert them into the doll, any where you like. You can use all five pins or one or two, it is completely up to you. Your choice will determine the amount of pain and agony the victim will experience.”

Once the spectator has completed his task, a scream is heard and a person shakes violently as a result of the Voodoo curse. A plaque which had been shown earlier, encased in a black vinyl sleeve is revealed and to the surprise of all, the exact locations chosen by the ‘Voodoo priest’ are marked on the figure silk-screened on the plaque!

The instructions were written by George Robinson Jr. and lead the audience down a path that suddenly takes a turn. The tension of the spooky and bizarre rite is suddenly broken by the comical reactions of the performer, culminating in a mysterious and baffling prediction.

Note: Instant reset; no stooges, no force of any kind, nothing is written down, etc. The spectator has complete control over how many pins he or she uses and complete control over where he chooses to insert the pins. The outcome is always 100% correct.

Comes complete with detailed instructions, hand-crafted Voodoo Doll, pins, custom silk-screened plaque and vinyl sleeve.

Great for walk around. Will work well for most situations due to the size of the props. You will love the method. Honest!

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2 reviews for Voodoo Doll Prediction – Viking

  1. David Pollard

    Very easy and fast to learn and hot item I just received mine the nite before my show because they were out of stock. Stevensons magic worked with me to get it in time and I learned the effect in minutes and put it in my show. I was very pleased with it but I wish the product was alot larger for my stage show would be nicer.

  2. David Pollard

    Very good I used it in my first stage show they didnt have any in stock its a hot item i ordered it and the company rushed it out to me the day befor my show and it was so easy to learn I used it the next day. only bad thing is i wish there was an larger version for stage shows but ill use it again and again.

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