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Check Our Paul Romhany’s Thoughts – From Vanish Magic MagazineBELOW! 

Vortex Magic presents TWISTER by Danny Weiser – TURN YOUR SHARPIE PEN IN TO A SHAR-PEI DOG!

The COOLEST trick ever devised with a Sharpie Pen. At anytime in your performance you take (or borrow) a Sharpie and instantly twist it in to a balloon animal shaped dog! This dog has been created especially for this trick and made to Danny’s exact measurements and weight making this super easy to perform. If you use a SHARPIE in your act you will WANT TO ADD THIS!

Now this…This is my kind of magic. TAKE MY MONEY!” – Bizzaro

“I really dig it!! Wish I’d thought of it …” Matt Johnson

“The BEST trick EVER with a Sharpie Pen!!!…” – Paul Romhany

Danny’s performance: “People ask me if I make balloon animals. I’m afraid I don’t BUT I do something way better.” Danny then takes the Sharpie pen he’s been using throughout his show and visibly twists it at his fingertips making it in to a balloon dog. For those really special moments when he really wants to create a lasting impression Danny will leave the dog with the spectator.


  • Shar-pei balloon dog made from Resin.
  • Download tutorial

Vanish Magic Magazine Jan 2022

MY THOUGHTS: Paul Romhany – Vanish Magic Magazine!
This is without a doubt one of the best tricks I’ve seen with a Sharpie Pen. I was fortunate enough to get this a long time ago and be able to play with it and use it in real life and on-line. You receive a special little custom made dog that looks exactly like a Sharpie if you were to be able to twist it in to a miniature balloon dog. These are made from Resin so have a nice
weight to them.

There are many ways to perform this routine from basic handling, which is what I prefer in walk-about situations, to more advanced sleeving versions. It all depends on you and how you want to do it. Many people were involved in helping get this to the market and they are acknowledged on the tutorial. Steve Valentine came up with the excellent phrase, “turn a Sharpie Pen in to a Shar-Pei dog.” This is a wonderful little play on
words and exactly what I like to use. Matthew Johnson teaches his version which uses some very clever ideas and makes this incredibly easy to perform. You start clean and end clean with Matthew’s routine.

I also teach my walk-about version and show various ideas including my very easy routine that I perform all the time. All you need to do this is a Sharpie and the dog. The really nice thing about this is that nobody expects what will happen so you have all the cover in the world to do any dirty work. David Regal shared his idea about taking a Sharpie and letting the spectators see the twisting motion – which is what most performers will do.

For those who want a really quick transformation you will learn other techniques such as using a pull and sleeving. Both are very visual and perfect if you want to perform this on Social Media. This is perfect for any working condition where you find yourself using a Sharpie. As Nick Lewin said, “If you don’t feel you want this then you aren’t a magician.” Perfect for the beginner or professional magician. Something you will want to use
every time you use a Sharpie Pen!

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