Wandering Lipsticks – Viking


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This is by far the most diabolical of all the 3-shell game cons on the market. Great magic and a great con!

EFFECT: The performer displays three brass tubes which resemble art deco lipsticks. He removes the end from one and adds a small brass weight, again sealing the tube. This tube is the only tube that ‘rattles’ which he proves by shaking each tube. Only the one rattles.

The bet is on. The spectator will win the bet if he finds the one tube with the rattle. The three tubes are slowly mixed and the spectator points to one tube. This proves to contain the rattle and the spectator wins. The bet is repeated but from here on, the spectator is ALWAYS wrong!. The performer even narrows the chances by removing one of the tubes, yet, the spectator still looses. Finally, the performer is willing to bet all or nothing. The spectator can not loose, yet even under the slowest and most deliberate moves, THE SPECTATOR STILL LOOSES!

These are precision made brass tubes (that can be made to rattle at will; completely under your control. The spectator is even allowed to shake them during the routine and will not discover the secret. Set comes in a custom leatherette case, complete with instructions.

The finest Viking quality. Beware of cheap/inferior copies. Insist on Original Viking products. (This effect was invented by Stan Payne-manufacturing rights purchased by Viking/Gem Mfg.)


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