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Jordan Rosenberg is at it again, a new run of his Modern Day Coin boxes are available. You can do some amazing coin magic with this brass coin box and it’s easy to carry. And coming soon, W.C.M. So what is W.C.M.? Combining Inspiration from Steve Dusheck, John Cornelius, Michael Weber and a few others, the next generation in visual walk around coin magic is coming soon! A hidden gem of an idea that has been re-explored and re-engineered for the modern walk around performer in mind. Perfect for the hobbyist and standup performer too! Instant reset, takes up exactly one coin of pocket space, can be “worn” ready to go at any time. Best of all, as close to sleight free as possible so you can focus on performance rather than method. Perfect on its own or part of a larger routine. “W.C.M.” By Jordan Rosenberg.

New gaff construction allows you to show both sides of the coin both before and after the performance. Cigarette through coin has always been a classic pocket trick. This version gives not only reason and motivation to the effect, but makes it a quick and visual routine that the spectator gets to be a part of.
The FINAL answer to every pen through coin routine!

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