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IMPORTANT: This product is also available with the Jack of Hearts reveal as well. 

We love the power of this effect, and we have never seen this principle applied in such a concise manner!  – Joe Stevens 

I have demonstrated What Happens in Vegas, in our retail and the reactions are fantastic – especially when you introduce the poker chip that has their chosen card printed on it! I have heard some colorful words when that happpens – Jiro (James Higgs) – Stevens Magic Resident Card Magician

What Happen Is Vegas is a self working masterpiece by Liam Montier and Alakazam Magic. Combining beautiful props, and a killer routine. Never before has this type of effect been this fooling! What Happens In Vegas is a brand new take on our classic and best selling effect Dual Match.

  • Comes complete with Custom Deck
  • High Quality Custom Poker Chip
  • Self-Working Miracle with TWO Mind Blowing Punches!
  • The Spectator is provided with mulitple opportunities to change or select their selection!
  • Works well in all formats – video performance, parlor and easily adapted for stage.
  • Full Video Tutorial
  • What Happens In Vegas is perfect to perform one on one, to a couple or ten over video call. You will absolutely love performing this great effect!

    Effect: Magician shows a card deck from Vegas – that feartures different casino’s (past and present), and there is a poker chip also in the card box that is left in the box as the deck is removed.  The magician starts to deal one-by-one from the top of the deck placing the cards face down such that the name of each casino can be seen, and asks the spectator to determine when he should stop by saying the word – STOP!  The spectator obliges and the magician, to be totally fair offers the specators THREE choices.

    They can choose the card he has in his right hand (that he was getting ready to put on the table), or the card before that was already placed on the table a moment before, or the card that is still resting on the deck.   The spectator informs the magician what card they want by reading out loud the name of the casino that is featured on the back of that different colored card. As in the video the specator says she wants Mandaly Bay, and the magician turns that card over to reveal – the Jack or Hearts.

    Next the magician repeats the same exercise, but this time puts the card “face-up” and instructs the spectator to yell out STOP when she wants.  Once again, the magician offers her three different choices as he did previously.  The specator chooses the (as in the video) the 3 of diamonds, which the magician turns over to reveal Ceasar’s Palace.

    The magician again makes reference to the lucky poker chip that was refered to at the very start when the cards where removed from the deck and he goes to remove it and upon doing so, it turns out it is a casino chip from Ceasar’s Palace! But it gets BETTER!  The magician asks the spectator if they remember the other card they freely stopped and selected!  The spectator confirms and says it was the Jack of Hearts.  The magician asks the spectator to turn the poker chip over and to her amazement and everyone else’s the Three of Spades is embossed on the other side of the Ceasar’s Palace chip! Wham Bam!

    This is jaw dropping, powerfuly visual, interactive magic that provides the one, two punch that will leave your audience sracthing their heads!  In fact this effect is so powerful, you will for sure be asked to repeat it from those who have already seen it.  Can you imagine the impact of being able to do just that with a different outcome? That is why we highly suggest you consider purchasing “both” versions of this effect – as well as if you do for a limited time – you can save 10%!  See bottom of page.



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